Large format porcelain tiles elevate luxurious interior settings

Aim for the simple effect that often results in a powerful aesthetic! The Domino Porcelain Stoneware Collection achieves minimal effects with black and white tones and matte and gloss finishes. The shapes and sizes ensure a great decoration. Large-format porcelain stoneware simplifies life with several advantages, such as easier cleaning with less grout.

White Domino Porcelain

Damp spaces like bathrooms would do well with porcelains that keep water out. The grout is also less with the uniform sizes and shapes of the tiles. Grout cleaning is also easy with a regular spray of vinegar or a mild bleach solution. Install a pure white shower surround for a gorgeous effect.

Matte Black Domino Porcelain

Bathrooms should be a place of rest and relaxation, according to contemporary ideas. The large formats present clean spaces with few joints that are intensely calming. If the grout colors match, the result is a uniform expansion of the same shade. Matte tiles are safer in wet spaces like the shower with less slippery surfaces.

White Domino Porcelain

Consistency is the hallmark of a nice room design and the spaces look very coordinated. The rooms appear bigger with the uniformity of the designs. White porcelain stoneware on the bathroom walls would produce an electrifying effect with the large-format White Domino tiles. It’s a sleek, modern look that’s truly unbeatable, superb in its simplicity.

Black Domino Porcelain

Even in smaller rooms, large format tiles create the illusion of larger spaces! The advantage is less border lines to break the visual impression. It is a high contrast black and white effect that creates a balanced ambiance on the bathroom floor.

Gloss Black Domino Porcelain

Cover the kitchen floor with this extraordinary glossy black tile. Large format tiles were built for larger spaces. Large tiles are installed very quickly. With this super effect, elegant kitchen environments are created. Countertops and cabinets are an attractive overall part of the design scheme, but tile dominates.

The Domino porcelain collection is so strong and durable that it takes the stress out of building planning and design. High-traffic kitchens and bathrooms need not worry about water-resistant qualities and easy-to-maintain porcelains. Expect many years of happy china.

Inspiration Gallery takes you through the entire Domino collection after the few samples you’ve just seen. In addition to the spectacular large-format mosaics, other sizes and shapes are also available to suit particular needs and tastes. Choose classic black and white porcelain stoneware for simple, elegant bliss.

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