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Menopause – Change of life?

For many women, menopause can be life-changing, bringing emotional turmoil as well as many physical symptoms. As women reach the end of the supply of eggs they are born with, Read more

Past Life Chakra Healing

Past lives are wonderful things to work with, especially if you know how to access them. You can do this by working with your Akashic Records and your Past Life Read more

remember to breathe

I was on the train the other day, along with a bunch of people who looked like they just got off work (it was around 5:30 pm). No one spoke, Read more

Two pillared twin flames

Due to the times we live in, today there is a lot of interest in the Mayan Calendar, 11:11 and twin flames. Many souls on earth are having the delightful Read more

Springboard your way to health

Trampoline is not only fun, but an activity with a host of proven health benefits. Whether you’re three or thirty, everyone can get in on the trampoline action and get Read more