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Managing time as an adult learner

Time – Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to fit everything into your day? Have you ever wondered how others manage to fit everything into their Read more

Are you a nasal spray addict?

Several of my patients have come to me with fears that they may be addicted to their over-the-counter nasal spray. Their sinuses are chronically blocked and they keep using a Read more

The history of the present push

From personalized baby shower gifts to a more sentimental idea, finding the perfect gift for new moms can be a challenge. The push present isn’t a new fad, though its Read more

Baby’s First Christmas (Part 2 of 3)

As grandparents, a loving aunt or uncle, or even godparents, Baby’s First Christmas can be the start of a special tradition to accompany that special relationship as the child grows. Read more

Poetry and the Muses Part 3

It has long been observed that while the ego is useful for making mundane, everyday decisions in our lives, it is less effective when it comes to more important issues; Read more