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Gary Halbert and me

You probably already know the story of how I became a copywriter, but I bet you DON’T know the part I’m going to reveal today. The reason I think you Read more

Brief Reports 101

Short stories are an exciting field! From the courtroom to the deposition room to the TV broadcast, court reporters, deposition reporters, and captioners make it possible! Court reporting is the Read more

Leadership Lessons from Women

In 1979, Britain’s economy was bankrupt and the newly elected Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, immediately went to work privatizing all the nationalized industries, such as aerospace companies, telephone companies, utilities, Read more

Virtual Assistant Tips for Success

Virtual Assistant Tips for Success Virtual assistance has become one of the most exciting and rewarding home-based businesses. What a privilege it is to be a part of such an Read more

self-imposed obstacles

What I have in mind: Self-imposed obstacles In the past week, three people have confided in me that they are deeply unhappy with their current job or company. These revelations Read more

My father’s funeral in Arlington

After our limo passed through the gates of Arlington Cemetery, I looked to the left and saw two parents visiting their son or daughter. They sat on lawn chairs in Read more