Pineapple: a great food with negative calories

One of the most interesting foods that often appears on the negative calorie list is pineapple. Among the negative calorie foods, pineapple is probably the highest in calories, so how can a fruit with a solid number of calories be a negative calorie food?

Well, on the negative calorie food diet, there are many different factors in determining the amount of energy it takes to burn various types of negative calorie fruits and vegetables, and total calories is just one part of that equation. While pineapple is high in calories for a negative calorie food, pineapple is still a fruit, meaning it has far fewer calories than grains, meat, or most other foods of the same size.

Another great benefit of pineapple, and part of the reason pineapple continues to be a negative calorie food, is that it contains an enormous amount of vitamins and dietary fiber (think about cleaning the system well). Add in low calories with heavy vitamins and high fiber, and digestive enzymes go wild with this fruit, making pineapple a great negative calorie food by some who believe in the negative food diet.

Personally, I am a huge fan of pineapple, as it is one of the most filling negative calorie foods and provides a lot of energy, vitamins and fiber you need to get through the day. It’s hard to say whether or not pineapple has a true negative caloric effect, and pineapple appears to be one of the least likely fruits or vegetables on the list of negative calorie foods to have a negative caloric effect, but even if it doesn’t, Pineapple is an extremely healthy fruit that has everything you need to get your digestive and metabolic systems up and running.

Pineapple has the expected high amount of vitamin C and nominal amounts of vitamin A, calcium, and even some iron. The most positive thing about pineapple is the large amount of dietary fiber, as well as the good types of carbohydrates that give you energy and keep your system balanced. If you love the taste of pineapple and are like me, you can enjoy this negative calorie treat per can.

A very important point when looking for fruits with negative calories like pineapple: pay attention to the ingredients. Many companies that produce pineapple add extras like sugar or high fructose corn syrup; avoid these pineapple cans at all costs. Look for the pineapple whose ingredients say simply: “Pineapple, pineapple juice.” That should be all you see there. If not, find another can of rings or slices … or better yet, buy it fresh if your local grocery store has it available.

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