Windshield replacement requires a tight seal to prevent problems

Windshield replacement and auto glass repair were once suggested by full-service gas station attendants who washed and inspected windshields when customers purchased gas. Nostalgia for the days when service was comprehensive leads many older consumers to double down on routine inspections by gas attendants. Young people today often have never experienced a full service and do not appreciate the need for a visual inspection of the car. Most people take their vehicles to neighborhood service centers that offer the lowest price quotes for oil changes and extra fluids. Windshield inspection gets lost in the shuffle, so drivers should regularly check car glass for damage. A certified glass company should always be selected to perform any necessary repairs or replacement of the windshield.

Windshields are an essential part of vehicle safety systems and provide structural support that prevents roofs from collapsing during accidents. The most critical function in everyday driving is the protection of passengers from wind, rain, ice, rocks, dust and other debris. Windshield replacement is necessary if the integrity of the car’s glass is compromised. Small cracks the size of a half dollar or less can be repaired by a glass company, usually in 30 minutes or less. Auto glass repair will preserve the strength of the glass and prevent the crack from spreading. If the cracks obstruct the driver’s vision, then the windshield needs to be replaced. Price quotes from most glass installers peg the fee between $100 and $350.

Price quotes are only one factor when choosing a glass company. Consumers should find a reputable dealer that has installation experience and supplies original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass. The replacement of the windshield affects the safety of the car, and the windshields must fit tightly without leaking. Reputable glass dealers offer auto glass and installation warranties. Auto glass leaks can have serious consequences for drivers and passengers. Loose glass is more susceptible to damage and does not meet structural needs. Leaks allow water and moisture to enter the vehicle, causing upholstery damage and interior mold. Excess water causes windows to fog up or freeze up in cold weather, leading to vision problems.

Auto glass leaks can cause annoying drafts while driving, or cause a high-pitched hissing sound to resonate throughout the car. Noise can be distracting to drivers, and replacement of a lower windshield should be corrected by exercising warranty options. Even the most experienced technicians at glass companies can make mistakes, but drivers shouldn’t accept inferior work from any supplier – auto glass is not only cosmetic, it also performs real safety functions.

Most states prohibit driving a vehicle when damaged glass obstructs a driver’s view of the road. The best solution is to have your windshield replaced or repaired by a local glass company that has operated in the area for years. Responsibility will ensure that windshield repairs meet the manufacturer’s standards for safety, appearance, and function. Price quotes are less important because insurance often covers the full price of replacing or repairing damaged auto glass. Qualified technicians know the most effective techniques for installing windshields. Choose a glass company that provides skilled installers, high-quality glass, the proper adhesive and sealant, and a guarantee of workmanship.

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