Why marketing is essential to growing your business

There are many things in our day that demand our time and attention. Some help our business move forward and others make us end the day wondering what we’ve accomplished.

We have a tendency to get distracted by the things that grab our attention the most, and we also have a tendency to spend time on the things we enjoy the most, regardless of whether it is a money-earning activity or not. And unfortunately, many times it is not.

For most of us, marketing is an essential activity for our business. We need to promote ourselves and our services to our target audience so that they take notice of us and are interested in learning more. With today’s competitive economy, the idea of ​​hanging up our shingle and hoping people find us will lead to ultimate undoing.

So, if you are really committed to having a successful business and your business is not yet where you want it to be, then you will need to spend most of your time on marketing activities. And most of that time should be spent on revenue-generating marketing activities.

There are two types of marketing activities: active and passive.

Active marketing activities give you the most exposure, establish connection and credibility,
and get better results faster.

– Speech
– Training events such as workshops and teleseminars.
– Networking – in meetings, organizations and the like
– Social networks with purpose.
– Creation of joint ventures and alliance companies.

Passive activities are activities that you need to do in your business, but they are not as direct to generate income, but are very effective in building awareness, growing your list and creating interest.

– Marketing articles
– Blogging
– Maintenance of your website
– Working on your brochure
– Activities to keep in touch, such as sending cards, notes and newsletters

If you’re committed to growing a successful business, until you’ve achieved the level of success you want, you’ll want to work full-time at your business. So if you only have 3 clients, the rest of your work week will be spent mostly on marketing activities.

For those of you who have a job you want to quit and are really committed to building your own business, then I encourage you to put your head down, make the short-term sacrifice, and squeeze as many hours out of your day as you can. market your business.

It’s only temporary and the faster you grow your business, the sooner you can quit your job.

If your business is where you want it to be and you have a constant stream of referrals and people contacting you, then you can cut back on your marketing activities, but you don’t want to cut the throttle completely because customers will come and go.

In sales, it’s called a pipeline. You want to always be putting names in your pipeline and nurturing those relationships so that you always have a steady stream of customers coming in while others are leaving.

If marketing is a necessity for companies like Weight Watchers and McDonalds, chances are marketing is a necessity for us too. Therefore, it is to our advantage to spend our time on activities that will advance our business, and marketing is indeed one of them.

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