Virtual Assistant Tips for Success

Virtual Assistant Tips for Success

Virtual assistance has become one of the most exciting and rewarding home-based businesses. What a privilege it is to be a part of such an evolving industry that is continually growing and offering new opportunities and rewards for those entering the business as well as veteran professionals. Marketing your virtual assistant business can be a rewarding adventure, bringing you a permanent clientele and additional earnings.

Here are some ideas you might want to explore:

Tip #1 – Add a PS to your Signature Line: We all know how important that signature line is to the success of your business. Here’s an easy way to make it even more profitable: Add a PS to your emails. You can offer your customers additional discounts or tell them about a new service. Did you just get a new VA certificate? Tell them! This can be a perfect opportunity to honk a bit.

Tip #2 – Learn from the professionals: Continually look for new and valuable sites that offer marketing advice. There are professionals who specialize in marketing. Let them guide you to more profit. For example, I recently found this site- It has great marketing tips, special reports you can get for as little as $9.95, affordable marketing teleclasses, and a monthly newsletter, “The Muselette.” I could go on, but check it out for yourself and then see how you can benefit from it too.

Be a mentor. I know that one of the ways I have really grown my business is by mentoring others and networking with others. Any networking is valuable and when you are a mentor you become an expert while helping others.

Tip #3: Market with candy wrappers or trade magnets: Do something different with your marketing. Candy wrappers can be a perfect way to show your customers your uniqueness and grab their attention. You can print your company name and logo on them. If you’re visiting local customers, put together a “small package” with coffees/teas, your chocolate bar with your logo, maybe a personalized pen, and of course several business cards. Drop it off at new businesses in your area. How about the doctor who just changed locations or the new attorney who just graduated from law school? He can also send them and they are not limited to local customers.

Magnets are great marketing tools. VistaPrints offers them at very low prices and they go with your business card. I send one to all my clients and in my portfolio to clients who have already expressed interest in my services. This just adds that extra promotional edge I feel.

Tip #4: Market to your existing customers: Your existing clients already know the caliber of work you do. But your marketing doesn’t have to stop there. Continually inform them of new services or features. Send out a newsletter or even a tip of the week to keep your name in front of them. And when was the last time you called them and asked, “Hey, how’s it going? How’s business?” A personal call from “What’s been going on?” can make a very favorable impression.

Tip #5 – Make a list of suggestions on your website: One of the ways to demonstrate your expertise is to list the things you know on your website. This shows your customers and potential customers that you know what you’re talking about. On both of my sites I have done this with great success. At Virtual Word Publishing,, I also include a comprehensive list of resources so others can find the information they need on my site. This draws them to my site, and while they’re there, I hope they’ll want to do business with me.

Market your way to success in your business! See how doing things a little differently can make a big difference. And lastly, enjoy your marketing. When customers see that you enjoy what you do, they want to do business with you.

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