The best cartoon friend duos!

Friendship is not always easily described. The Eskimos, they say, have a hundred different words for snow. Unfortunately, the English language is not that innovative, so friendship remains a precious sentiment among all of us. In the cartoons we see that friendship that the characters share with true human feelings. Legendary friendships between cartoon characters include:

1.Tom and Jerry:

Tom and Jerry are the award-winning team of cat (Tom) and mouse (Jerry) that formed the basis of a successful cartoon series. They share the perfect recipe for friendship in the ambivalence of loving each other and making fun of each other. Tom is very hot-tempered and sensitive, while Jerry is independent and opportunistic. Although very energetic and determined, Tom is no match for Jerry’s brains and wits. However, they complement each other like cheese and milk.

2. Archie and Jughead:

The red-haired 17-year-old has a unique bond with his best friend Jughead Jones, who has been friends with him since they were kids. Despite being a Casanova, Archie is always seen sharing his deepest secrets with Jughead. When Jughead first came to Riverdale, he was in a bad mood and tended to fire Archie. But Archie, with a good heart, tried to cheer Jughead up; They have been inseparable ever since. Jughead often has to help Archie out of a sticky situation, usually involving girls.

3. Chip and Dale:

Chip ‘n’ Dale are two fictional animated chipmunks created by Walt Disney. They are an inseparable couple who together fight against the odds, fight for the affection of another chipmunk, Clarice, annoy Donald Duck and solve mysteries. Chip is the (slightly) smarter one with the black nose, and Dale is the one with the red nose and gap teeth.

4. Mowgli and Bagheera:

Mowgli, the wild child from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, was unknown to the laws of the jungle. He befriends Bagheera, who educates him and trains him to survive in the jungle. Mowgli is the most prominent fictional character who has so many talking animal friends that he sticks around through thick and thin.

5. Flintstones and Rubble:

The Friendly Neighbors: Fred and Wilma Flintstones and Barmey and Betty Rubbles are comedic examples of people who respect the “Love Thy Neighbor” theory. The foursome hold hands through their ups and downs, while the husbands are the best of friends. Dominated Fred is stupid and most of the time ends up in trouble and Barmey, the smartest, rescues her best friend every time.

Whether we have a Tom or a Barmey as friends, they are always special people. We can’t choose our family, but our friends can be as diverse and endless as the stars in the sky. Our friends, in a very real sense, reflect the decisions we make in life, good or bad.

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