Managing Anxiety With Prescription BuSpar: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

We’ve all had one of those weeks: the washing machine is overflowing, the dog forgets his house training and the toddler forgets his potty training, the boss is getting a divorce and making everyone miserable. And he feels like you just don’t know how to handle it all.

Anxiety is, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of modern life. But when anxiety keeps you from participating in daily activity or trying something new, it may be time to see your doctor for help with anxiety.

What causes stress?

Anxiety is the feeling caused by the release of stress hormones and brain chemicals that help us fight for our lives or run from danger. In our evolutionary past, bursts of stress hormones may have helped give us a boost when running from large animals with big teeth! And believe it or not, in the right situation, these hormones can be of great help in daily activities. Mild tension before you give a presentation can help you do your best. A burst of brain chemicals can help speed up your reaction time when you see a pedestrian running in front of your car and can save someone’s life!

When anxiety becomes a constant companion in our lives, we can begin to have anxiety symptoms when we think about anything: work, marriage, children, even going to the supermarket. Symptoms include muscle tension, sweating, nausea or “butterflies,” sweaty hands, trouble swallowing, nervousness, upset stomach.

If these symptoms have become a part of your daily life, it may be time to talk to your doctor about an anti-anxiety medication like BuSpar.

But I’d rather be anxious than spacey!

You may remember the days when anxiety was treated with strong medications that could calm a cranky elephant! But as scientists have learned more about the biology of anxiety, anxiety management has become more sophisticated, improving your mood without turning you into a zombie. You will not become a Stepford wife. Instead, he will go back to reacting the way he used to, both to happy events and anxiety-provoking situations.

BuSpar works gently by affecting your feelings over the course of a few weeks. Most people begin to feel relief during that time and are able to get back to living their lives.

While you don’t have to worry about walking in a daze, many people feel dizzy or drowsy when they first get used to BuSpar. You may want to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery until your body has adjusted to the medicine.

Sounds great! Let’s go to the pharmacy.

Well, not yet. BuSpar is a prescription drug, and you’ll want to check a few things with your doctor before you get a prescription.
If you are taking monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors (a type of antidepressant) or other medicines, have ever had an allergic reaction to mood-altering medicines, or have severe kidney or liver damage, this may not be the proper treatment. drug for you

Lastly, alcohol can have a huge impact on how your body responds to BuSpar, so you may want to skip the champagne in favor of a pancake brunch when celebrating your anxiety-free life.

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