Launch of the Polaris Brutus vehicle

Polaris has found an answer to John Deere’s Gator industrial UTV and its name is Brutus. This beast can handle just about any job that comes its way. It comes in three different models and its front PTO attachment system handles a variety of jobs that previously required an entire fleet of vehicles. All three models are powered by a 24-horsepower diesel engine from Yanmar, a legend in the heavy-duty diesel industry. Polaris makes history with Brutus by breaking into the business side of the market with the first front PTO side-by-side industrial vehicle. The Brutus gives the John Deere Gator a run for its money with Brutus and a selection of accessories no other UTV can touch.

Polaris has combined an enclosed cockpit, ergonomic joystick controls, and versatile foot control for quick forward and reverse movement to speed progress. It allows drivers to fit a variety of industrial implements, from plows to rakes, brooms and even a forklift, to the front of the Brutus easily and quickly. Works as a bobcat, tractor bucket, lawn mower, plow, and even snow blower. There’s not much Brutus can’t do with a design engineered for toughness, strength, and power.

Polaris also built the Brutus with the ability to tow a full ton, and inside it can haul over seventeen hundred pounds with an additional twelve hundred plus pounds in the rear cargo box. Understandably, Brutus is a beast capable of handling any business task no matter how big or small. The rear bed is an electrically controlled lifting bed that allows easy emptying; it’s also big, easily the size of a shipping box.

Polaris also thought about driver comfort and outfitted the Brutus interior with passenger amenities, including a fully enclosed cabin, a three-person bench seat and the most advanced heating and cooling technology available. All-wheel drive capability gives the driver more control over rough terrain, but suspension height is more than adequate with six inches of travel.

Brutus also has a foot pedal to provide freedom of movement without the drivetrain. He has an innovative De Dion rear suspension design that allows Brutus to handle the worst abuse without pushing its occupants. The multi-link coil over rear suspension stands up to any conditions. Whether he has heavy loads to carry, a deeply rooted tree stuck in the ground, or a ton of snow to move, Brutus comes prepared for it all.

Polaris has shown its determination to be a contender in the commercial market with the introduction of the Brutus. This model takes Gator’s range of farm implements and takes it a giant step further with a ProTach system that not only mounts some of the most popular industrial tools, but also allows movement of these tools up and down and forward and backwards. backward. Careful thought and planning was put into equipping Brutus with as many accessories as possible so that he could be versatile and useful. The combination of technologies to make connecting implements easier and faster shows great innovation. Giving Brutus towing and cargo-hauling capabilities further strengthens the number of tasks it can handle on a regular basis. The power tilt bed and climate-controlled cab offer comfort for hours of comfort to get the job done.

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