How to sell rock songs

If you’ve written a rock song and want to make an income from it, here’s how to sell your rock song!

Multiple ways to win

Turn on the radio, walk through a department store, watch TV. Income generating rock songs are seemingly everywhere! Some of those sources of income for your song include:

  • Direct downloads from your own website

  • Downloads through third-party sites like iTunes.

  • CD sales by dealers

  • CD sales at live events

  • movie royalties

  • cable television royalties

  • Airplay Royalties from rock radio stations

  • ASCAP/BMI/SESAC revenue from live band licenses

  • Mechanical royalties on cover versions

  • Overseas royalties

  • Advertising usage fees

So you’ve written a rock song, now what?

What do you need to do to sell your rock song? The first decision you will have to make is whether to self-publish and keep 100% of the copyright to your song or whether to allow your song to be represented by a music publisher and let them handle the promotion and /oo the processing of licenses and collections.

Next, you’ll need to have a demo recording (also known as “a demo”) to pitch your song to rock music publishers, producers, and record companies, or if self-publishing, you’ll need to hire a producer. to make a master recording or have a limited release CD containing your song(s).

A master can work as your demo, but the cost is much higher. If you can afford it and you definitely intend to exploit the copyright yourself, it may be the best investment.

If you only have lyrics, no melody, because you don’t write music, then you’ll need to have a melody and chord arrangement written. You can’t avoid this; the only “industry people” who review lyrics are known as “song sharks” and they’ll be happy to take your money, but they have a horrible reputation in the legit music world. They will never give you a hit, and worse, your song will be forever tainted by your association with them. Almost all demo services will write music for a fee under a “work for hire” agreement that allows you to retain all rights.

Selling your song outright for cash, a bad idea

You’re reading this to find out how to sell your song, right? Unfortunately, songwriting can be a high-income cash business, but it’s not fast. It is illegal to sell songs directly to anyone, including music publishers. Especially music publishers! Because? Because in the ’40s and ’50s, struggling songwriters were starving and selling their songs for ridiculously small amounts, in some cases as little as ten or fifteen dollars. The song publishers who bought them made millions while the songwriters continued to go hungry.

To rectify this injustice, Congress passed laws that prevent the direct sale of a song, ultimately resulting in songwriters benefiting from the multiple streams of payment they now enjoy. Music publishers these days have totally cleaned up their act. His business is now based on being more of a mentor and agent for the songwriters with both parties sharing the money the song generates.

Yes, you can assign your publishing rights and take advantage of available revenue streams, but you cannot sell all of the copyright or your share of the composition rights.

That covers the basics of How to Sell Your Rock Songs. Hopefully it puts you on the path to getting a professional demo, signing your song to a top-earning music publisher, and enjoying the royalties from your efforts for years to come!

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