Honda’s supercar: HSV-010 GT

The Honda HSV-010 is believed to be a one-of-a-kind supercar that is not available for production. Honda had submitted a request to the Super GT organizers for the HSV to go out of production. This exemption made it even more distinguished. There was another reason the HSV was selected to be the racing model because Honda did not have any supercars ready to compete in the series. This is deeply due to the decision to stop production of the NSX Super GT, which is why Honda was surprised with the only alternative to the HSV.

The reason Honda decided to postpone the end of NSX production is because this Honda supercar uses a mid-engine, while regulations only allow the use of front-engine rear-wheel drive. Speaking of the HSV, its nomenclature stands for Honda Sports Velocity, which makes it a more glamorous name compared to Honda Service Vehicle. The racer comes in front or mid-engined availability, equipped with a 3.4-liter V8, scoring 370 or more horsepower. It sends power through the Ricardo sequential manual gearbox, similar to other 2010 Super GT cars produced by Toyota and Nissan.

For the past two years, Honda has been using the same chassis for NSX and other supercars and therefore the Honda HSV-010 has a similar chassis underneath the glorious carbon fiber. The chassis is sufficient as it is capable of supporting the weight of 1,100 kg, powering a weight ratio of approximately 336 hp / ton. Most GT500 models are known to have intake limited to one size to distribute pressure. From a brief comparison, the 2009 320bhp Subaru Impreza STI marks a weight ratio of approximately 237bhp / ton.

During the start of the first round at the Suzuka track, the Honda supercar will demonstrate its prime virgin run to demonstrate whether the Honda NSX is worth replacing. While it is intended to be a successor to its predecessor, other supercars like Lexus and Nissan have been consistently strong, so it wouldn’t be an easy fight. It is everyone’s hope that Honda will achieve success in improving supercar production.

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