Guide to transfer music from your iPod to your computer

Transferring songs from your iPod to your computer can be a bit confusing without the necessary knowledge. In this article, I will give a short and easy step by step guide that will help you to accomplish the task.

Step 1 Using a USB cable, connect your iPod to your computer. If you are using a Windows 8 operating system, the ‘File Explorer’ dialog box appears. If you don’t see the ‘file explorer’ popup, go to the ‘Start Menu’ and click ‘File Explorer’.

Step 2 – In the ‘File Explorer’ dialog, check ‘Devices with removable storage’ and click the ‘iPod icon’.

You will see a screen with a list of folders. In that list, look for ‘iPod_control’; If it’s not available then;

Step 3 – Click ‘View’ at the top of the dialog, then ‘Options’ (a folder options popup appears), click ‘view’ on it, run the ‘advanced settings’ list ‘ and locate ‘Hidden files, folders and drives’.

Step 4: Click the box next to ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives’, then click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.

After this procedure, the ‘ipod_control’ folder will be seen in the dialog containing the folder list above.

Step 5: Right-click on the ‘ipod_control’ folder and open it; this opens a bunch of folders.

It’s music we’re concerned with, so go through the list and locate ‘Music’.

Step 6: Double click on ‘Music’ and a list of other folders will appear. Locate the folder containing the songs of your choice, by clicking on the individual folders you see, eg ‘F06’, ‘F02’, etc.

When you confirm the folder that contains the songs you want to transfer to your computer, right-click on it, scroll down the drop-down menu, and click ‘Copy’.

If you just want to copy the songs anywhere on your computer, go to where you want to store them, right click and ‘Paste’.

However, if you want to store them on your iTunes, then;

Step 7; Open the ‘iTunes’ application on your computer, click ‘Edit’, ‘Preferences’, ‘Advanced’, make a note of the default location where iTunes stores files on your computer.

Step 8: Go to the ‘Start Menu’, click on ‘File Explorer’, ‘Libraries’, ‘Music’, ‘My Music’, ‘iTunes’, ‘iTunes Media’ and on the right side of the page, right-click and ‘ Paste the previously copied file (F06).

Step 9 – Right click on the file you just pasted, go to ‘Properties’ in the dropdown, a dialog appears, uncheck the ‘Hidden’ tab in the attributes section of the dialog, click ‘ Apply’ and ‘OK’ .

Finally: Go back to the ‘iTunes’ app, click ‘File’, ‘Add Folder to Library’, ‘Music’, ‘My Music’, ‘iTunes’, ‘iTunes Media’, ‘F06’ and your music will appear on your iTunes.

This procedure may not work for ‘iPod Touch’; there is another way that would help to transfer music from your ‘iPod Touch’ to your computer. Otherwise it works fine. Go ahead and try it.

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