Buy kitchen tiles for your kitchen remodel

Stone, ceramic, porcelain and vinyl kitchen tiles are all options to consider when redoing your flooring. That magazine photo of a granite floor with dark wood cabinetry and granite countertops, complete with stacked built-in ovens and an L-shaped kitchen island might tempt you to buy something that won’t be practical for your home or your lifestyle. . Avoid buyer’s remorse and problems with your floor by choosing the best tile the first time.

How many people use your kitchen? If you live alone or just you and one other adult, then you really can go for any type of tile you prefer. Kitchens that don’t get much use are the best places for the high-end tile you see in magazines. Marble, granite, and travertine tiles are just a few of the expensive stone tiles that look great on a floor, but may not be ideal for a busy kitchen. Stone tile is porous and therefore can absorb spilled liquids and show stains much more easily than glazed or vinyl tile.

Another thing to consider is that porous tiles can also be ruined by acidic things like citrus or vinegar. Stone sealer can help prevent this or other stains, but you’ll need to keep the floor fairly clean and spend time making sure it’s not damaged. In a house full of children, that could be a challenge. Stone tiles can also chip or break if something heavy is dropped.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are much more resistant to stains, but they can also break. If they are installed correctly, they are incredibly strong. But you never know when something sharp or heavy will splinter you. Some porcelain tiles are solid in color and won’t ruin the look of the floor if that happens. You’ll also need to keep an eye on the grout when you clean it to prevent it from getting dirty and discolored.

Vinyl kitchen tile is probably one of the easiest types to install and the cheapest and strongest tile available. You can still end up with a kitchen that looks fit for the pages of a magazine, thanks to vinyl tile that comes in all colors, patterns, and styles. Forget the linoleum look of the 1970s – a tile floor can look like wood, stone, or whatever surface you like. And the vinyl wipes are easy to clean. If one does get damaged, it’s easier to remove and replace a tile than it is with stone or hard tile floors as well.

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