Baby’s First Christmas (Part 2 of 3)

As grandparents, a loving aunt or uncle, or even godparents, Baby’s First Christmas can be the start of a special tradition to accompany that special relationship as the child grows. Why not start a collection to add each Christmas?

You may want to check with the parents if you want some ideas, but that’s not necessary. This will be a gift from you to that special little one, a gift that will mean more as the child grows.

My sister in law started such a collection for our niece on her first Christmas. Now that she is 9 years old, she can appreciate the collection of ceramic bears that her mother has kept for her all these years. She is given special souvenirs from the aunt that she gives them to him. Obviously, the bears weren’t toys for her to play with, she received them, but now that she’s older, she can appreciate the new one she receives each year.

Collections can be based on any theme. And the choice is obviously based on the donor, as well as whether it’s for a boy or a girl. Bears and dolls are always great for girls, while trains and animals or other figurines are great for boys.

Be sure to select carefully when starting a collection. You want to know that the collection and font will be available for years to come. You can find great selections either locally or you can order online from places like Personal Creations.

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